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An online service delivering deals and content carefully selected for the men from the Internet generation

4 Oct

When you have a web product that is very well-positionned and relevant for a given target, the possibilities are endless. And that is exactly what Manpacks is doing.

A lot of early-stage Sillicon valley companies don’t work enough on their brand identity and their positioning when they get started. Manpacks is a start up that doesn’t seem to have this problem.

The logo speaks for itself. There is a lot of monetization that can take place when you do such a good job of connecting with a specific audience. The male audience from the Internet generation is a highly engaged one too.

From October 3, 2011

The secret of successful emarketers

18 Nov

What is the secret to online marketing? How does one build an efficient acquisition or retention campaign? how do you target the reactive audience that will generate the right leads? What is the golden tip of successful online marketers?

Well the secret is that there is no secret. Emarketers learn from experience and if there’s any rule, it’s this:
good emarketers are humble.

How many times have you thought “this creative will not perform well”, or “this banner is terrible”, or “this microsite or landing page will not convert” only to find out that you were wrong? Well you’re not the only one. It’s a classic.

Online conversions and web performance mechanisms work in mysterious ways! The best way to work with them is to test! Testing, testing, testing! The numbers don’t lie.

It’s that simple. Get a good tool for testing and stay humble as an emarketer, refrain from assuming that you already know everything and test things. You will be surprised (and successful)!

Email is not dead

6 Jul

One of my recent posts was about social media and the fact that it’s rapidly gaining territory in replacing emails in the way that people share content. However, just to clarify, I don’t think that email is dead. In fact, a lot of emarketing experts will argue that it’s still the best marketing channel in terms of ROI.

We, in the Internet industry tend to forget that email is still growing significantly; a lot of businesses (especially in other industries) still haven’t been taping into this marketing channel at all yet. Retail is one of them: according to an April 2010 Annual Merchant Survey by the E-tailing Group, 79% of retailers looking for ways to improve their web sales are planning to increase the number of targeted e-mails sent to customers. Refining site search is only on the table for 72% of them.

In May 2008, an Ipsos study showed that more than 67% of consumers prefer email over other online vehicles at the time and 65% believed this will continue for five years. They were correct.

Here is some encouraging data as well from Litmus: in the best email campaigns, 77% of people fully read the message. As for forwarding, on the most viral campaign, 9% of readers forward the email. Not bad!

Why did social media grow as fast as it did?

4 Jun

Who even writes personal and direct emails anymore to keep in touch with their friends or share their pictures with them? Soon the answer will be nobody.

Who types in keyword searches to crawl the web and find content anymore? Well a lot of people and it will be so for a long time. However, the answer used to be almost everybody. Today, people increasingly turn to other people to find, read and explore relevant web content, and this trend is growing exponentially.

Why did social media grow as fast as they did? Because it’s viral and because it’s quick. It only takes one click to make it happen, and these features capitalize on one of the seven human capital sins: lazyness!

“Social media is the new search”. From a marketing perspective, It can now drive as much traffic as SEO and SEM. It’s become a fact. The monopoly of Google and Search Engines in the traffic space is over.

You know what that means? Google and Facebook (who drives 44% of social sharing on the Web according to TechCrunch) are now immediate competitors.

Google is “facebookerizing” itself with Google Buzz.

Who would have thought that two companies that didn’t seem like they occupy the same space originally would end up competing like crazy for the same thing?

One thing is for sure, this will be more entertaining than watching football.