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Why type when you can talk?

12 Oct

Why type when you can talk?

AOL is unleashing a new instant messenger version with a video chat option and support for Google Talk and Facebook Chat.

Not bad!

The slogan is “Staying in touch couldn’t be simpler”


Why Zoosk is a scam

21 Jun

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Zoosk is the new hip online global dating web site. With about 50 milion subscribers and sites in 12 languages worldwide, they are a proud competitor of match.com.

They didn’t do much really besides starting as a facebook app and capitalizing on that to generate 200,000 subscribers very early on in their history. It’s been growing since, again, thanks to a tight integration with Facebook. They also got lucky with hip hop artists T-Pain and Flo-rida deciding to write a song called Zoosk girl. The video went pretty viral even though it’s a terrible song that sounds more like Gwen Stefani than hip hop. It truly lacks attitude but it generated buzz and traffic. Zoosk is a little bit like the parasite that eat other people’s food.

The buzz around this start up is completely out of proportion, and so is its level of funding (it has raised another 30 million in VC capital recently). It was also selected by the Wall Street Journal as one of the “next big things”. What does that really mean anymore though? not so sure.

The start up did have a smart strategy to monetize early on as part of their business plan. It includes virtual coins that users can buy in addition to subscription costs. But see this is the ultimate problem; the word in the industry is that the only thing that they are truly investing in is Marketing. Are they investing in their matching algorithm to be more relevant for people or anything like this? No. Shayan Zadeh the founder was asked in an interview what the history of the company was, and his story was “originally, we wanted to create a marketing company”! This is a pretty unbelievably unethical company.

They are investing in offline ads pretty agressively with the millions that they raised, but when the trend for online dating space is to have more specific sites, smaller dating communities and more relevant and complex matching algorithms, Zoosk is simplyforgetting to pay any attention to that and to be relevant. They are more like a gimmick.

They take their marketing seriously and their monetization seriously, but when you operate in a space as personal as dating, neglecting to take that side serisously is a huge mistake. They just want to get as many subscribers and make as much money as possible. I don’t see them continuing to grow. They’re bound for a rude awakening and I anticipate this to happen soon.

Why did social media grow as fast as it did?

4 Jun

Who even writes personal and direct emails anymore to keep in touch with their friends or share their pictures with them? Soon the answer will be nobody.

Who types in keyword searches to crawl the web and find content anymore? Well a lot of people and it will be so for a long time. However, the answer used to be almost everybody. Today, people increasingly turn to other people to find, read and explore relevant web content, and this trend is growing exponentially.

Why did social media grow as fast as they did? Because it’s viral and because it’s quick. It only takes one click to make it happen, and these features capitalize on one of the seven human capital sins: lazyness!

“Social media is the new search”. From a marketing perspective, It can now drive as much traffic as SEO and SEM. It’s become a fact. The monopoly of Google and Search Engines in the traffic space is over.

You know what that means? Google and Facebook (who drives 44% of social sharing on the Web according to TechCrunch) are now immediate competitors.

Google is “facebookerizing” itself with Google Buzz.

Who would have thought that two companies that didn’t seem like they occupy the same space originally would end up competing like crazy for the same thing?

One thing is for sure, this will be more entertaining than watching football.