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Back up your files with terrific shareware Carbon Copy

26 Oct

Yes, the tech industry rocks. You have terrific engineers, working on some terrific sharewares. all you have to do, is make a donation. And yes, ok, if you’re broke, you have the option not to. Well anyways, I highly recommend this terrific shareware for backing up your hard drive. The only sad thing is that it’s on Mac only.

But they also do a great job of highlighting benefits and going over how it works on their Home page. Go Carbon Copy Cloner (or CCC)

Back up your freakin' files

Why Netvibes is becoming a B2B company

7 Oct

For a long time, Netvibes was my favorite web product. They really took aggregation to another level, and I especially enjoyed their dashboard as the news junky that I am.

But today, the reality is that tablet home pages are replacing this B2c product. But Netvibes has entered another space; a B2B space, leveraging its dashboard technology and applying it to b2b intelligence.


In july 2011, the company released Social Pack, a social media analytics solution.

This week, Netvibes is hitting the market with a $499-per-year Premium otpion including mobile optimization but also more intelligence features for reputation managment. As a brand, you can monitor negative and positive comments going around the web about you, and get a quick snapshots of trends with charts.

The truth is that it matters immensely. One customer in two or more relies on the opinion of Internet users.

An online service delivering deals and content carefully selected for the men from the Internet generation

4 Oct

When you have a web product that is very well-positionned and relevant for a given target, the possibilities are endless. And that is exactly what Manpacks is doing.

A lot of early-stage Sillicon valley companies don’t work enough on their brand identity and their positioning when they get started. Manpacks is a start up that doesn’t seem to have this problem.

The logo speaks for itself. There is a lot of monetization that can take place when you do such a good job of connecting with a specific audience. The male audience from the Internet generation is a highly engaged one too.

From October 3, 2011