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Back up your files with terrific shareware Carbon Copy

26 Oct

Yes, the tech industry rocks. You have terrific engineers, working on some terrific sharewares. all you have to do, is make a donation. And yes, ok, if you’re broke, you have the option not to. Well anyways, I highly recommend this terrific shareware for backing up your hard drive. The only sad thing is that it’s on Mac only.

But they also do a great job of highlighting benefits and going over how it works on their Home page. Go Carbon Copy Cloner (or CCC)

Back up your freakin' files


The mystery of company acquisitions in the high tech world

11 Jun

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Seeing the acquisitions in the high tech world can sometimes be puzzling. But there is almost always a very simple explanation and it’s almost always the same one: companies buy their competitors. Not so much cause they want to integrate the product with theirs; they just buy them so that it’s no longer a threat.

Sometimes acquisitions are obvious as a company would buy a very immediate competitor: Adobe bought Macromedia, in the email deliverability and email reputation space, Return Path acquired Habeas,  or sometimes, they are less obvious, for example Google purchased blogspot, Yahoo purchased MyblogLog.

The sad part about it is that these decisions never include a plan to integrate the products well, streamline or improve the user experience…it’s never anything like that. In fact, pretty often, and mostly when the products are B2C web products, the company that is purchased ends up being a cumbersome piece in the purchaser’s web offer, a piece that doesn’t seem like it belongs there.

And some acquisitions make no sense whatsoever: for example Adobe acquired Omniture. I don’t think I will ever be able to make sense of that one…